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north pacific prehistory is an international, peer-reviewed   journal published by the University Book.

Journal title

north pacific prehistory

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Scholarly research articles


Research area

Human and social sciences


Primary discipline

Prehistoric Science


Interdisciplinary fields

This journal provides original research articles in all fields of prehistoric science. These articles may refer to ideas related, among other disciplines, to Archaeology, to Anthropology, to Palaeontology and to Ethnology.


Particular focus

The prehistory of the geographical areas of the Russian Far East, oriental Siberia, Japan, Korea, Alaska and British Columbia, as well as peripheral territories (central Siberia, Mongolia, China, the United States and Canada).

Index entry

Topics of interest to npp journal include, but are not limited to: migration patterns during the Pleistocene and Holocene; transmission of technological knowledge; adaptation modalities in different ecosystems; subsistence modes of Paleoindian hunter-gatherers; symbolism and social organisation in American northwest coast maritime

cultures; techno-typological approach to Asian-American bone and lithic industries; climatic and environmental changes during the Palaeolithic; disappearance of the Mammoth Steppe; reconstruction of past techniques through experimental methods; diffusion of microblade and blade technology in Northeast Asia.