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utopia and utopianism is an international, peer-reviewed   journal   published  by  the University Book.

Journal title

utopia and utopianism

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Journal contents

Scholarly research articles


Research area

Human and social sciences


Primary discipline

Utopian Science


Interdisciplinary fields

This journal provides original research articles in all fields of utopian science. These articles may refer to ideas related, among other disciplines, to History, to Philosophy, to Politics, to Sociology, to Law, to Economy, to Arts and Literature Theory.


Particular focus

The global construction of an ideal society. Theories of political and economic perfection for the establishment of social justice on Earth (optimus status reipublicae). In search of the best of all possible worlds.

Index entry

Topics of interest to utp journal include, but are not limited to: doctrines, movements and revolutionary dreams; philanthropy and socialism: the living and working conditions of the workforce; the principles of egalitarianism: the abolition of private property and social classes; the elimination

of all forms of State and the natural goodness of man; globalization of markets and law universalism; Mankind toward a just and true realization of planetary unity; the aesthetics of imaginary and possible worlds: primordial Paradise, homo ecologicus and green architecture. Dehumanized city: control of masses, technocratic totalitarianism, concentration camps and the darkness of evil.